Friday, July 30, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: Solace

Solace, originally uploaded by StrattonBrew.
Sometimes you find a photographer whose work you really like, and yet even so, one image jumps out at you so clearly that selecting your favorite is no difficulty. That's the way it is with Jim Stratton's photo collection, and with this image in particular. This photo captures the best of what I like about portrait and figure photography. The lighting sculpts the shape of the bodies--the curve of the back, the rounded belly--while calling attention to the expressive faces. And such expressions! That's what really makes this photo: the look of utter pride on the face of the mother, and the look of utter trust on the face of the child. No photographer could pose such a picture: Stratton has captured an unrepeatable moment in time. If I had taken this photo, I would have considered it one of my proudest accomplishments as an artist.

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