Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: shapeless dreams

, originally uploaded by shapeless dreams.
I enjoy browsing through the photography of young people. It often has a raw energy to it that you don't see in the more carefully crafted images of older photographers like myself. That's true of this great image by Tiana Fraulini: so off-kilter in framing and composition that a more seasoned photographer wouldn't even think to snap the shutter, yet it works well (for me at least), with the intensity of the subject's gaze balancing the expanse of texture to the left. It's a brilliant move to make this one a black and white image, as color would have simply distracted from the composition. Here, by the way, is a great self-portrait of the photographer.

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  1. Goldddlion submitted a comment, which I accidentally deleted instead of publishing -- and Google won't let me undo it. :( The comment was:

    "thank you so so much (: "

    You're welcome, Goldddlion! Great photos!