Monday, June 21, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: Play with me, wind

Play with me, wind, originally uploaded by JenniPenni.
Jenni Holma takes some wonderfully unconventional photos. When I say "wonderfully" unconventional, I'm referring to the fact that many photographers take (or create) pictures that are so unconventional they just seem pretentious to me, like the photographer is trying too hard to be "artistic." I like Jenni's photos because they are unconventional without trying too hard. They're not painstakingly created through elaborate props or photoshop tricks; most are either set up fairly simply, or, like this wonderful shot, simply involve an unusual perspective. Anyone else would focus right on the the little girl riding her bike down the lane, but Jenni's focus is on the hair, flying away in the wind, and it's that detail that makes this photo less revealing and more of a revelation.

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