Saturday, June 12, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: leila

leila, originally uploaded by .BЯДЙDΦЙ..
I know "Brandon" only from his Flickr site, and his fantastic photos. His Flickr profile says he is "trying to see beauty and to make art that dignifies a strong but challenged people," and I would say he's succeeding at that. This photo, for example, is of a beautiful face, but that beauty is only the first of many layers. Second is the care this young woman carries on her brow, and in the impassivity of her expression; and third is the deep thought that appears to be going on behind those dark eyes. On a technical level, I really like what Brandon does with the processing of his pictures, giving them an interesting texture and muted color, with finely textured but unrecognizable backgrounds. I'd love to know how he does that.

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