Friday, April 9, 2010

Archive Photo of the Day: Dutiful and faithful unto the end

As part of my duties, occasionally I present "living history" presentations in the person of P.B. Van Trump, the first man known to climb Mount Rainier in 1870. For Earth Day 2009, I portrayed the character at a local elementary school, and my plans later in the day took me right past the cemetery where P.B.'s wife Cynthia and daughter Christine are buried. So, I stayed in costume, brought my tripod, and took a series of photos at the gravesite. Christine died very young--she was only 26 when she succumbed to pneumonia in Seattle. Her mother passed away later the same year after many years battling breast cancer. P.B. survived both, along with his son Henry, and died December 27, 1916, the day before his wife's birthday.

Black and white seemed most appropriate for this photo, which was originally captured in photo RAW.

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