Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: untitled

originally uploaded by darkshapes.
Things that make this a great photo for me:
1. The expression: not a smile, but rather a look that seems to look right through the camera at you.
2. The hair: not perfect, a bit tousled.
3. The shirt: a bit sheer, low cut, tight; it shows the form of her body, and it's sexy.
4. The underwear. Makes the picture intimate.
5. The skinned knee. That does as much to make the picture look personal and intimate as anything else in the photo.
6. The pose. Obviously posed, but with the toes turned in, there's an air of expectancy. She's waiting for something: instructions for the next pose? And in that expectancy, the soul shows through.
The photographer is Jay Parkinson of New York City.

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